Wednesday, October 6, 2010

80's Birthday Party

 My sister and I celebrate our birthday in September...nothing better than remember our childhood in the 80's in a Family Reunion! ( Sorry I couldn't find Silvanos ) The first step was select the colors...Well, everything was very, very colorfull and bright in the 80's... I found these perfect paper plates on sale at Michael's.

Then, I thought about choosing a theme: a cartoon, a toy, or a singer to design the party. (I didn't want to have several things at the same time).

     I started to think about what we loved  when we were little...going to "Vai Levando" (it was like a small grocery store), where we used to go buy something for our Mom and always used the change to buy a dose of sweet peanut, "7 Bello" candy, "lolo",...
These candy jars are very similar with those at the grocery!

PacMan was one of our favourite game! So, I started to make several PacMen and ghosts to put on top of the cupcakes and the big cake. Those were made of fondant, even the eyes...I have no idea how many of them I made...(secret: my Mom helped me)

And I wanted to make the Paper POm POmS using the same colors.
They turned out cute!

More Pics for yOu

Table Desert: Cupcakes, cake, peanuts and marshmellows, pineaple and strawberries, a chocolate fountain and "Walnuts Strogonoff"

The best cake in the world: D. Raquel's cake
I just made the decor

Cupcakes Ready!



  1. Olá !!! =) .. é claro, e vcs estavam cobertas de razão né ?! Eu entendo perfeitamente. Que bom que tudo se resolveu, graças a Deus.
    Que legal o seu trabalho !! To seguindo aqui tbm ... bjs

    1. Que bom que esta seguindo! Fique a vontade!!! Bj

    2. Que bom que esta seguindo! Fique a vontade!!! Bj

  2. Yummy!!! There are so many inspiration here!!!!! I love how you combine the colors!!! It looks like you had a fun party!!!

    1. Thank you Tomoko! I am glad you liked it! Your blog is winderfull!

  3. Ci!! Amei os cupcakes, o bolo e os pompoms!! Que talentosa que vc eh!! Parabens!! beijos Cinthia

    1. Brigada Cinthioska! Amei o recadinho! Beijocas