Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soccer Pizza Birthday Party

As usual, my husband didn't want a birthday party, but I couldn't resist!
It was a surprise until that day in the morning...

The first cupcakes in my life!

Napoleon: Luisa's special recipe!

Cake: I wanted to find a soccer ball cake. I even thought about trying to make one...but at that time I hadn't started my baking and decorating, the night before I called all the places I knew and none of them had time to make it...finally, I called to an "ice cream store" and they suggested a round plain ice cream
(oreo) cake with a soccer ball drawing on top of the cake.

I asked his friends to come with their favourite soccer T-shirt!

Everything was really simple, but delicious!I can tell I made about 20 big pizzas for about 15 people!!! The first idea was to make pizzas made of pitta bread. The second idea I thought was to make a party like the "pizza man" does in Brazil. All the ingredients are washed, cut, and ready to use! The "pizza man" goes to someone's house and prepare whatever the person wants to! It is very common to have several flavours at the same time and a waitress offers a little piece to everyone that wants to try it. Then, the waitress bring another flavour and so on...It's a kind of "rodizio", like in "churrascarias"- brasilian steak houses, they bring several kinds of meat, several times, so the person can have everything he wants,as many times he wants!
I prepared some of our favourite brasilian flavours:

- "Portuguesa"- Portuguese (tomato sauce, cheese,sliced black olives,sliced onion,boiled eggs)

-"Paulista"- Paulista (tomato sauce,cheese,palm heart, peas);


-"Vegetariana"- Veggie (tomato sauce,cheese,sliced red and green pepper,sliced mushrooms, sliced onion, sliced tomatos);


-"Frango com Catupiry"- Chicken and Catupiry cheese (tomato sauce,cheese, shredded chicken, catupiry cheese and corn if you want to);


-"Prestigio"- Coconut and Chocolate (condensed milk, shredded chocolate and shredded coconut);


-"Morango com Chocolate"- Strawberries and Chocolate (condensed milk,shredded chocolate, sliced strawberries on top);


-"Banana com Canela"- Banana with Cinnamon (condensed milk,sliced banana, cinnamon)...


There are many more, but these ones are the best!!!
Hungry ha???