Monday, April 19, 2010

Carla's Baby Shower



Hi everyone!
 I am sorry for being away and don't  post anything in the last days... I've been very busy preparing the classes, that I did not have time to take pictures and organize the postings...
Well, I hope you like this and the next postings!
It was a pleasure to be part of the group and make this Baby Shower a beautiful party for Carla.
Every detail was very very thought and we tried to follow baby's room decoration.
The amazing cake and cute cupcakes were made by Sonia! She is an artist...I will post more pictures for you, or you can check some in my other blog
So little and delicate fondant birds were made by her too...look the eyelashes...
Rosa, Carla's mother, prepared the tropical salad! DELICIOUS! The little cups came direct from Brazil and the idea of using the ribbons to "wrap" them was brilliant!
Chocolate cups, sweets, and mousses were made by Rosa too!
Eni has very good taste and criativity. She organized the "winners' gifts", a special book for messages for Carla!
The banners were made by me :-) , watter label, labels for food and for baby's food either.
The amazing bird tree was a surprise for us! Carla brought it to the baby shower just minutes before the party started !
Mana Guimaraes, who is from Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, designed the little birds. Rosa and Rosana, Carla's aunt, helped her made them. A beautiful souvenir for each girlfriend!
The idea were just perfect for the theme.
Hope you liked!
If you have interest in order labels and banners, just contact me:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Upcoming Classes

Hello Everyone!

I want to invite you for our classes:

1- Children’s cards
Create 4 cute children’s cards using the cuttlebug machine.
April 30th , 2010 – Friday -4pm-5:30pm/ 6:00pm-7:30pm

2- “Mother’s Day” Card + Surprise
Create a beautiful card for your Mom, Grandma, or someone special you want to thank.
In addition, we will make a gift surprise!
May 7th, 2010 – Friday -4pm-5:30/6:00-7:30

3- Spring Cards
Create 4 cards for your friends, family, or husband/boyfriend. Choose different sentiments (birthday, get well, friendship,love)
May 14th,2010 – Friday-

4- Travel Post Cards
Learn how to make your own post card! You may use a picture from your travel, a poem, a thought.
Also, you can draw if you want! We will make 3 postcards.
May 21st,2010 – Friday -

5- Cricut Machine
Come to this class and learn how to use the cricut machine! You will love it!
May 28th, 2010 – Friday -

6- Customized Cupons “Wallet”
Learn how to design a paper “wallet”! Keep your saving’s cupons organized in a little
customized wallet!
June 4th, 2010 – Friday -

Hope to see you there!



Car Bags!

Look at these cute bags made of fabric by my Mom!
All the details are delicates and were hadmade!
Some friends did not want to use them as car trash bags, they just use them as sunglasse's bags.
Contact me if you want one of those!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello Everyone!
I want to invite you to come to Hobby Lobby and learn, relax, and enjoy our classes!
We will have scrapbooking and card classes.
Also, I will prepare some different craft paper projects for us!
Soon you will be able to check our class' schedule on Hobby Lobby's website or you can email me and I will send you all the upcoming classes!

Explosion Box

This box is so cute! You can put pictures, thoughts, and poems for a friend, mother, husband..
Once you open it, you'll see 3 layers each side. All of them are customized the way you want!
Use buttons, ribbons, pieces of paper, brads, addesives, pictures..
I suggest you to make a pattern and you can use it everytime you want, it will be easier and you will save time!

Be creative and show me yours!

Easter Cards

For these cards I have used stamps, blending pen, and acqua pen.
It's cool to wrap hershey miniatures' chocolates with scrapbooking paper, it gives a different appearance.
"Easter Class" was supposed to be my first class teaching at Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately my friends couldn't come. I will try to organize another class with these techniques!
Hope to see you there!