Friday, July 30, 2010

Belle Bum's Party

Desert Table
Fondant Cake - Strawberries & cream cheese filling
Brigadeiro Yammmmmyyyy
Napkins & Spoons
Si & Ci
Ju & Ci
Water Labels
The guests were asked to save the papers, labels, flowers, and put those in a recylcle basket, so I can reuse or recycle the papers in the future.

Appetizer- The bread was cut in flower shape
Appetizer- Mussarela Cheese with Tomato and Herbs on top
Picture of Belle Bum's Blog First Page
Titi & BB
Si & BB
Ju & BB
Sonia & BB
Angelica & BB
Fafa & BB
Cinthioska & BB
Poli & BB
Paulita Florzita & BB
Ro & BB
Mari & BB
Ro & BB & Ro
Let's Play???
Supplies for the games in decorated cans, always recycling!
Glue, scissors, punches, crayons, pencils, pens, lots of paper,...
Uauu, they were really into the game!
Everyone was so interested! They wanted to win!!!
For me all the projects won!!!
Congrats! Poli was very well represented.
Congrats! It seems that Si just came out of the "New York Company" store!
Party Favor One: The three "judges" Ro, Ro, and Sonia won the little decorated can with buttons, ribbon, flowers, labels for their projects
Personalized ribbons
Party Favor Two: Mini Chocolates
Party Favor Three: Make your Summer Card Kit
Well, I think they liked
Party Favor Four: All the guests got one bookmarker with the blog's link:
so they will always be conected ;-)

Thank You all for coming, help, friendship, enthusiam, support, love!!!
I miss you!!!