Thursday, October 21, 2010

Antique Roses

This delicate and antique box is a gift, you can put chocolate inside, a note, a ring.
You will se a little card bellow that matches the box.
Another option is to use the "little card" to put tea bags inside.
Making 5 tea bags covered with that is a perfect quantity to put
inside the box and give to your friend, mom, sister.


Card or Tea bag cover

Stay tunned for more antique projects.

Beach Scrap Page

The idea of this class was to teach  Poli and Tania (in one of our intensive classes) how to compose a scrapbooking page using geometric pieces of paper. Also, I showed them how to sand the paper and sew by hand. 

This is a sketch of the page. The pieces of paper were not glued here, I just tryed different positions until I find one that was harmonic.
Pay attention to the position of the sand, sea, sun, fishes, clouds.

Little fishes with popped eyes
Tania and Poli used different sewing techniques

 Pretending that there was a fisherman!
Hope you feel inspired!

mOre eXpLOsiOn BoXeS FoR yOu

These explosion boxes bellow were made by my friends
Si, Tania, Ju, Paulinha, Dani, Re, Cris, Poli
sUpEr CuTe gIrLs!!!
Before the class I organized some kits with paper, eyelets, ribbons, brads, butons, make it easy to choose. I though them how to make it, but they had a free time to embelished the way they wanted, matching their personality or their friend's personality .(the person that received the explosion box as a gift)
Look how creative they are!

Thank you Jenn for teaching me how to make the explosion box!
You can check my first one in her blog:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hello! These are some calendars that I made as a Christmas gift for my mother in law's friends.
I decided to make them different from each other, according to personal characteristics that she told me about each friend.
Some of the calendars were shabby, modern, floral. Also, I changed the font, matching the calendar style.
Each calendar had the person's name on the back, with some pockets with tags that could be used for notes, birthdays,messages,...
It was a challenge to designed these calendars, I spent almost a month trying out lots of papers and ways to make them stay exactly like you see bellow.
I wanted something easy to use, fun and cute.
The masculine calendars had something added: they were magnetic, so the person could use the table calendar or just put the part with the months in another metalic surface!
If you need a gift for your friends, this is a good choice, they are unique!
Let me know as soon as possible how many you need and we can personilize them for you.

Shabby Calendar
Shabby Calendar
Shabby Calendar
Super Modern Calendar
Floral Calendar
Green Floral Calendar
Masculine Calendar
Masculine Calendar
Masculine Calendar

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

80's Birthday Party

 My sister and I celebrate our birthday in September...nothing better than remember our childhood in the 80's in a Family Reunion! ( Sorry I couldn't find Silvanos ) The first step was select the colors...Well, everything was very, very colorfull and bright in the 80's... I found these perfect paper plates on sale at Michael's.

Then, I thought about choosing a theme: a cartoon, a toy, or a singer to design the party. (I didn't want to have several things at the same time).

     I started to think about what we loved  when we were little...going to "Vai Levando" (it was like a small grocery store), where we used to go buy something for our Mom and always used the change to buy a dose of sweet peanut, "7 Bello" candy, "lolo",...
These candy jars are very similar with those at the grocery!

PacMan was one of our favourite game! So, I started to make several PacMen and ghosts to put on top of the cupcakes and the big cake. Those were made of fondant, even the eyes...I have no idea how many of them I made...(secret: my Mom helped me)

And I wanted to make the Paper POm POmS using the same colors.
They turned out cute!

More Pics for yOu

Table Desert: Cupcakes, cake, peanuts and marshmellows, pineaple and strawberries, a chocolate fountain and "Walnuts Strogonoff"

The best cake in the world: D. Raquel's cake
I just made the decor

Cupcakes Ready!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet Sweet and Decoration

You've seen this lollipop before, maybe you just haven't noticed!
This lollipop is Bakerella creation! They have beautiful shapes and colors at the website
My friend Sonia made some blue ones for Carla's baby shower.
(Check out Carla's Baby Shower Post)
Why not to try to make them for Father's Day? That's what I did! The only difference is that I put NUTELLA instead of ICING! It was delicious! 

Lollipop Cake
and closer...