Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boy's First Year Party

Hello Friends!
Even in Brazil, without all my supplies, I couldn't  stop doing my scrap projects!
I've found some papers from 2007, when I had my fisrt scrapbooking class here, for my bridal shower invitation! I really enjoyed this time to relax and stop searching for our new place for some hours...
The paper reminds me sea, sand,and sailor. In order to make this project seems really into that theme, I sanded the paper, put some buttons on the invitation and pinwheels, made some cupcakes with the fondant decoration matching the paper and number 1 label on top. It's also cute to put the pinwheels on top of the cupcakes. The size of the hat it's especiallly designed to a first-year-baby (it's so small!)
Besides the invitation, birthday hat, cupcake toppers, cupcake's decor, I am organizing a birthday party kit with more options, for example, banner, sweet boxes, water labels, snack labels, treat bags,and more! Everything is personalized! If you are interested, email me: .
I'll post everything that will come in the kit soon!

Belle Bum!!!

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