Monday, April 19, 2010

Carla's Baby Shower



Hi everyone!
 I am sorry for being away and don't  post anything in the last days... I've been very busy preparing the classes, that I did not have time to take pictures and organize the postings...
Well, I hope you like this and the next postings!
It was a pleasure to be part of the group and make this Baby Shower a beautiful party for Carla.
Every detail was very very thought and we tried to follow baby's room decoration.
The amazing cake and cute cupcakes were made by Sonia! She is an artist...I will post more pictures for you, or you can check some in my other blog
So little and delicate fondant birds were made by her too...look the eyelashes...
Rosa, Carla's mother, prepared the tropical salad! DELICIOUS! The little cups came direct from Brazil and the idea of using the ribbons to "wrap" them was brilliant!
Chocolate cups, sweets, and mousses were made by Rosa too!
Eni has very good taste and criativity. She organized the "winners' gifts", a special book for messages for Carla!
The banners were made by me :-) , watter label, labels for food and for baby's food either.
The amazing bird tree was a surprise for us! Carla brought it to the baby shower just minutes before the party started !
Mana Guimaraes, who is from Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, designed the little birds. Rosa and Rosana, Carla's aunt, helped her made them. A beautiful souvenir for each girlfriend!
The idea were just perfect for the theme.
Hope you liked!
If you have interest in order labels and banners, just contact me:

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